Soy is a type of foods that is loaded with abundant fiber and iron, in addition to a useful substance called Phytates which has been linked to a decline occurrence of colon cancer.
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What is Soya?
It is a high-protein legume, or bean grown as food for both humans and livestock. Soya, a vegetable that is considered to have most protein value of any plant food. The protein value is considered to be equivalent to that of the animal food or meat. It boasts of a complete protein value producing all the amino acids that your body needs but doesn't produce on it' own.

Where do Soya products come from?
Soy products, are made from Soya beans, they are vegetables grown and harvested in Asia. Lately Soya products have gained ground in the other western countries for inclusion in their diet.

What are the benefits of Soya?

+ Body Health
   - High Protein & Fiber
   - Low in Fat, Sugar & Calories

+ Improves cardiovascular health
   - It reduces cholesterol
   - It is high in Protein and Low in Fat and Calorie
   - More protein than carbohydrates

+ It helps in the Management of diabetes o Reduces the risk of the following    cancer:
   - Breast
   - Colon
   - Prostate

+ Prevents the following:
   - Child obesity
   - Hair loss
   - Prevents Osteoporosis
   - Protects against Alzheimer's

Can Soya really help my Heart?
Yes, Soya is a good way to keep your heart healthy. A study in 1995, states that eating soy protein as compared to animal protein may help you decrease your total Cholesterol. Consuming at least 25grams of soy protein per day has been shown to lower cholesterol levels. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has concluded that soy protein consumption included in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Can Soya really help fight cancer?
Yes, Soya contains soy proteins that have isoflavones that help fight the dreaded disease. It interferes with the growth and spread of the disease that is a good way to prevent cancer.

Can Soya really help prevent Osteoporosis?
Yes, It is because Soya contains plant proteins that release calcium much slower than animal protein.

What are Soya Chips?
+ It is a relatively new snack made from soya beans
+ Healthier alternative to snack food
+ Low fat alternative to potato chips

What make Soyami Soya Chips different from other snack foods?
+ It is the 1st and only branded Soya based Chips in the market
+ Our products are very healthy
   - High Protein
   - High Calcium
   - Low in Calories
+ The taste of the product

How can Soyami Soya Chips help me lose weight?
+ Soy protein helps you feel fuller longer
   - It sends an "I'm full message" to the brain that reduces the snacking in between meals
+ Soy protein is low "low-carb"
   - It complements any form of diet since it is a low carb and high protein content
+ Soy protein is a complete protein
   - It contains all essential amino acids that balances our body's needs. It gives us the highest quality protein
     available with less fat and few calories than many meals.

Is antioxidant rich and protein-packed Soy Chips good for energy & exercise?
+ Yes, here are the reasons:
   - As a complete protein, soy helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass.
   - Soy protein is rich in "branched-chain amino acids" which the body can burn as "Fuel" to produce energy
   - Soy may help support a hormonal profile that promotes muscle formation
   - Soy may help sustain endurance levels during exercise
   - Soy may help improver recovery time
   - Soy helps support a healthy cardiovascular system (critical for exercising or an active lifestyle)

When do I see Results in the ff areas?

Health Support Area

Estimated Time of Effect

Weight Loss & Energy

1 week

Menopausal Discomforts

1 – 2months

Cholesterol Support

3 months

Normal Bone Support

Long term daily use may support healthy connective tissues

Prostate Health Support

Long Term Daily use may support healthy connective tissues

General Well Being & Antioxidant Health

Long term daily use may support overall health

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